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We started Basement Comics Pressing in 2015, and since our first day we’ve brought quality work to our clients. When you want to improve the aesthetic and grade of your comics and magazines, look no further. Our clients report higher grades, faster turnaround time, and overall satisfaction.

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What is pressing?
Pressing is the application of pressure and other techniques to improve the overall appearance, collectability, and saleability of a comic or magazine.  Defects that can be reduced or eliminated entirely include: dents caused by a reader's finger and fingernails; bends and creases that do not break the cover's color, spine roll due to storage, reading, or simple aging; warping and waving caused by moisture (this can cause an appearance that looks like a ripple-cut potato chip).

Why do it to comics?
For all the obvious reasons: to improve the overall appearance by eliminating or reducing damage and defects and to increase its saleability.

What NOT to press

  • No comics or magazines with black mold anywhere on the covers or interior pages

  • No comics or magazines with brittle or loose pages

Pressing Services

Remove pressure indentations, spine tics, and non color breaking creases with our signature cold press. We never fry your books with heat.



Gently remove pencil marks, gunk, and some color touch.


Spine Roll Removal

Send your book to the comic chiropractor and get straightened out.

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